Still Alive

Realizing I have not posted anything since January 2014, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here and should have a new project post coming in the next few weeks.

Fix for Exchange 2010/2013 Random Mail Flow Stoppage

A few users of Exchange 2010/2013 may be experiencing a very strange issue that causes mail flow to cease up at seemingly random times during the day; if you can confirm that this is not backpressure, it is a known bug. Unfortunately, this bug has not yet been addressed by … Continue reading

Simplified 3D Printer Hacking

As the post title says, this post details a much easier way of hacking the printer. While simpler, there are a few caveats: No SSH/remote access to the printer. No root access. So if you simply want to be able to refill your own cartridges and don’t really care about … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Power Strip

Who needs a case for their Raspberry Pi when everyone already has a perfectly good surge protector? A surge protector/power strip is something that never gets in the way, is often tucked away somewhere with no attention paid to it, already has RJ-45 and power input – it’s perfect! This … Continue reading

EEPROM Dump Formatting Tool

I realized that one quickly gets tired of formatting dumps by hand, and decided to write a quick JavaScript tool that automatically formats each dump so that it can be written back to the printer. Simply enter the dump you wish to have formatted correctly, and click submit. Hopefully this … Continue reading

Stratasys Dimension SST 768 Hacking

The Dimension SST 768 is one hell of a machine, but has one major setback besides its initial price – it’s professional prototyping, what can you say? – the price of P400 ABS material cartridges. These can cost up to $260 each, whereas you can easily purchase your own spools … Continue reading