Still Alive

Realizing I have not posted anything since January 2014, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here and should have a new project post coming in the next few weeks.

Fix for Exchange 2010/2013 Random Mail Flow Stoppage

A few users of Exchange 2010/2013 may be experiencing a very strange issue that causes mail flow to cease up at seemingly random times during the day; if you can confirm that this is not backpressure, it is a known bug. Unfortunately, this bug has not yet been addressed by … Continue reading

Simplified 3D Printer Hacking

As the post title says, this post details a much easier way of hacking the printer. While simpler, there are a few caveats: No SSH/remote access to the printer. No root access. So if you simply want to be able to refill your own cartridges and don’t really care about … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Power Strip

Who needs a case for their Raspberry Pi when everyone already has a perfectly good surge protector? A surge protector/power strip is something that never gets in the way, is often tucked away somewhere with no attention paid to it, already has RJ-45 and power input – it’s perfect! This … Continue reading